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A Basic Lintel Installation Guide

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The installation of a lintel is a very crucial phase prior to drilling a hole into a brick wall.

Here is a simplified lintel installation guide for the purpose of learning the gist of the process and why a lintel is installed.

What Is a Lintel and How Does It Function?

Basically, a lintel is a structural component for the purpose of strong support. It can be found over a door, a window, a portal, or any other forms of the apertures in the walls of your home.

The lintel allows for the transfer of weight to the foundations of the wall openings sans the unwanted use of strain. This also helps decrease putting hazardous pressure on the frames and sills of a window or a door. Enough strength and stability are requirements of a lintel in order for it to efficiently and powerfully function as a support structure. It is also mandatory that its material composition is consistent and congruent with the masonry which it provides support for.

Lintel Installation Guide, in Brief

While doing this is the main function of a lintel, you may also want to incorporate decorative and ornamental elements. Since this important structural support, it may come in the form of stainless steel, concrete or masonry stone. So decorate it to match your abode!

Necessary or Optional: Is a Lintel Fundamental?

A lintel may seem elective especially if you have a relatively small wall opening, a window or a door. However, it is best recommended to have a lintel installed regardless of the size of the frame it will support. The reason for this is your guaranteed safety in your own home. A lintel serves as added reinforcement to the maintenance and strength of the masonry constructed above it.

The Lintel Installation Guide, in Brief

Marking the wall. Search for the appropriate place for your aperture. Upon finding the right place, place a mark on the mortar line where the lintel will be installed.

Cutting the marked gap. Cut away the line of mortar which you previously marked on with the use of an angle grinder. What do you do if the angle grinder is unable to complete the task because the mortar may be thicker than the grinder can handle? You will have to utilize a mash hammer and masonry chisel to take out the remainder of the mortar. Upon completion of this step, clean the surfaces of the gap with a hammer drill.

Basic Lintel Installation Guide

Placement of the lintel. Carefully and meticulously put the lintel in the gap with the use of mash hammer. Fill in the ends of the lintel with your prepared mix of mortar. Then run your palm over the still wet mortar to know if it is even and uniform with the level of the existing mortar line. Thereafter, you can wipe your brick wall with a wet rag to tidy up.

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