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What Is A Tuckpointing Tool And How Can It Help Me?

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Owning your home is an amazing thing to be able to do. From picking out your perfect home to signing off on it and moving in, the process is exciting to say the least. However, home ownership comes with a whole slew of new responsibilities. While you may have full creative freedom with your home, repairing and maintaining your home also becomes your job.

Brick homes are beautiful and can offer a very chic way to live, especially in modern cities. They are typically older looking and can be spacious and luxurious, so it is no wonder that people are attracted to them as potential places to live. However, with older homes come more responsibilities than you may have had if you had purchased a home with newer siding and paneling.

What Is A Tuckpointing Tool And How Can It Help Me

Brick Home Maintenance Can Be Hard To Keep Up With

One of the main things you need to maintain is something known as tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is the process of going between the bricks to the worn down mortar and removing some of the older and grimiest material and replacing it with new and bright mortar to brighten up your home and help reinforce it for the future.

Aside from the structural reinforcing of your home, tuckpointing can also breathe new life into an older home. It may be easy to clean the bricks or paint them back to being bright, but couple that with a good tuckpointing job and your home will look newer and more beautiful than the day it was first built, meaning a cleaner and more luxurious look for your home.

Local Tuckpointing Shouldn’t Be Hard To Find

Now you may be wondering: “I’ve only just learned what tuckpointing is, how can I know who will be able to do the job?” Well, while it may seem complicated, with the Internet being as expansive as it is it is easier than ever to find tuckpointing professionals in your area. The tricky part, however, is finding those you can trust.

One easy way to check their quality is to go to sites other than the ones run by the company itself to find reviews, pictures, and information left by previous customers about their experience with the company.

Chances are, if the business has been around long at all, there will be people out there who have reviewed their services. This can be an easy way to learn from their real and unpaid customers how their service is and if others think it is worth the price.

Us Tuckpointing Professionals Are Here To Help!

With us, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. We are tuckpointing professionals who are dedicated and experienced in our craft, and whose job it is to make sure your brick home is sturdy, safe, and looks new and refreshed. We offer fair rates for our services and can help serve you in any weather, so feel free to contact us no matter what the season is.

If you don’t believe us, feel free to check out our reviews on external sites. We have dozens upon dozens of satisfied customers, many of whom have written reviews about our services. Be sure to read through those if you aren’t completely sold on our services, and if you have any further questions know that we are always available to answer any queries that you may have.

What Is A Tuckpointing Tool

Call Or Click Today For More Information!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait around, go to our website today to learn more about our services and how we can help your brick home look as new as the day it was built. If you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to on our website, feel free to call us at any time to find the answers and talk to us about what type of job you are looking for.

We are always available to talk to you about what you need and help find you the perfect service that can do what you need without breaking the bank. So why wait? Call or click today to learn more about our amazing services and schedule a free consultation!

Amazing Tuckpointing Chicago Angie’s List Canidates!

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When it comes to hiring contractors for your masonry jobs, checking the reviews for the company you plan to use is an absolute must. No one wants to use a service that others have hated, so it is more than crucial to ensure that your money won’t be wasted on a bad job by making sure you are hiring a reputable company to service you.

Bug how can you find these Tuckpointing companies in the first place?

Amazing Tuckpointing Chicago Angie's List Canidates

Learn About The Best Tuckpointing Chicago Has To Offer!

The masonry involved in professional Tuckpointing isn’t something that an everyday laborer can accomplish. When repairing and sprucing up the brick and mortar on your house, it is important to express caution, unless you wish for your house to be less secure.

Tuck pointing needs to be done by an experienced professional. While it may seem like something you can do yourself, the process is very laborious and potentially dangerous if you have a tall home. So always be sure to call an expert to do the job.

Nearby Tuckpointing Experts Shouldn’t Be Hard To Find

Finding an expert is the next step towards your brick home dreams. It may be easy to just go online and find someone who can do the job, but unless they are verified and are heavily reviewed, you may get someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and will end up doing more harm to your house than good.

Always check credentials and make sure the person you are planning to hire is one of the good contractors with amazing reviews, so that way you don’t have to hire another person to clean up the mess or fix what went wrong.

Don’t let someone inexperienced and unprofessional do your Tuckpointing, always be sure to find a trustworthy company with experience and reviews to back their promises.

We Are Verified On Angie’s List!

We are tuck pointing pros who are dedicated to making your brick and mortar house look brand new. We are an affordable contractor that promises to complete the job swiftly, professionally, and without worry of damage that can be caused by inexperience or negligence.

If you don’t believe us, check us out on Angie’s List. We are verified and reviewed there so you can make sure that your home gets the attention and care it deserves, without completely breaking your budget. We offer fair prices at market value and professional service and respect comes free with every job done.

The Best Tuckpointing Chicago Angie's List Approves Of

Contact Us Today For A Free Estimate!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone or go online today to learn more about our services and find out exactly how we can use our contracting skills to make sure your house is clean looking and sturdy.

We are backed by our satisfaction guarantee, which you can ask us about when you contact us for your free consultation and a super quote. We have been serving the Chicago, Illinois area for years, so you can know you’re choosing a fully professional business to complete your job. Don’t wait, if you need a Tuckpointing job, call or click today!

Find Out About The Best Tuckpointing Services Chicago Has To Offer!

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Owning a brick house can be a beautiful thing. Brick Chicagoland homes are very sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, giving a more refined and cultured look to any property. Many brick homes are featured in real estate magazines as being some of the most coveted, and property values for brick homes can be some of the highest.

However, the beauty comes at a price. With the brick and mortar exterior, there is a 100% chance at the end of the day, mortar on your chimney tends to deteriorate, discolor, and crumble, causing your Chicago home to look run down and the structure of your home to come into question. That is where tuckpointing (or tuck pointing) services can help!

Find Out About The Best Tuckpointing Services Chicago Has To Offer

Are You Interested In Tuckpointing In The Chicago Area?

When it comes to masonry or tuckpointing repair on your home or chimney, it is essential to get to it in the early years of owning your home rather than later. The process contractors go to when tuck pointing and working on the restoration of your stone or brick home isn’t super complicated, and a good contractor can do the brickwork with ease.

Licensed construction professionals with good reviews are great at providing quality replacement joints and mortar for your residential or company property, and many are accredited with significant experience in both the suburbs and local city.

Call someone who knows about tuckpointing in the Chicago area to have them provide a look and give you offers on what the repair cost would look like.

Finding Good Tuckpointing Services Near You Should Be Easy!

If tuckpointing is so great for your home, why doesn’t everyone do it? Well, the chances are they haven’t found a right contractor who knows tuckpointing in the Chicago area that can do the job well enough to satisfy their needs. A lot of contractors claim to do masonry work, but in reality, not everyone has the finesse and tools required for a good job.

When choosing a professional to trust with your tuckpointing services job, make sure to look for a lot of reviews to make sure they’re reputable and can do the job right, without needing to do it twice or make touch-ups later.

We Are The Best Tuckpointing Chicago Has To Offer!

Lucky for you, we have a solution! We are the best tuckpointing services Chicagoland has to offer, and we have the reviews to prove it! Our customers always end up satisfied with our work, and we are trusted across Chicago to get the brickwork or masonry job done right the first time, eliminating the need for follow up within the first year.

It’s clear who your choice should be, but if you have doubts feel free to look us up and do research online, and ask us any questions you may have about our licensed restoration services and what we can provide to you.

Best Tuckpointing Services Chicago

Contact Us Today To Completely Restore Your Home’s Beauty!

So the next time you look at your house (or chimney) and wonder what beauty lies underneath years of dust and decay, call or click to visit our website and learn more about our services and what we have to offer when it comes to giving you the best masonry restoration services available.

Our operators are standing by to answer your calls and schedule a consultation so we can figure out what services would be best for your particular home. So don’t wait, call or click today for more information.

Angle Grinder Tuckpointing Specialists In Your Area Today!

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Owning a brick house has always had a fairy tale quality to it. From the rustic look to the structural soundness that brick can provide, it is no wonder many brick houses sell for more on the real estate market when they come for sale.

However, the mortar between the bricks has a hand in sometimes deteriorating, leaving a gross looking appearance detrimental to the actual diomand like value of your home. With angle grinder tuckpointing, however, you can fix this with ease and make sure your home looks as new and beautiful as the day it was built!

Angle Grinder Tuckpointing Specialists In Your Area Today

Tuckpointing Professionals Can Help Your House Return To Former Glory!

When you need an angle grinder tuckpoint job done right, you need to find some grinders who know how to tuck using their pointing tools to make sure the masonry goes well.

With using the wheel angle grinder used for the cutting part to remove the mortar in the joints, you need to have a tool which generates enough power and can guard itself against cutting too deep, making sure the angle grinding tuckpointing repair is easy and quick.

Having a professional angle grinder tuck point professional can save you a lot of time and money and make sure your brick home or structure remains structurally sound and attractive to look at.

Find Out Who Does Angle Grinder Tuckpointing In Your Area

It’s not hard to learn about someone who performs high and quality angle grinder tuckpointing in your area. There are plenty of professionals in your area that can help restore your brick house or structure to its former glory.

When it comes to angle grinder tuckpointing for your home, it pays to choose someone you can trust. If you decide upon someone without proper credentials, you may find your home damaged more than it was fixed, so it might be not to select the cheapest option available before looking at reviews and finding the highest quality angle grinder tuckpointing contractors for the lowest price.

We Do Angle Grinding Tuckpointing Fast!

Lucky for you, we do angle grinding tuckpointing fast and efficiently, giving your house an amazing look that it once had without you having to break the bank. We are a team of dedicated professionals that can make sure your home improvement job is done right and use only the best tools to make sure your home looks as spectacular as the day it was built.

Let us make your search easier, by giving you a perfect choice without having to spend hours searching.

Just check our reviews! We are experts at angle grinding a concrete set and also provide dust removal so your installation process is designed to leave your house clean, instead of having to switch to cleaning up the bits yourself, lowering our job performance and leaving you without a great job well done.

Angle Grinder Tuckpointing Professionals In Your Area!

Call Or Click Today For The Best Angle Grinder Tuckpointing For Your House!

So next time you need a professional tuckpointing job, be sure to give us a call or visit our website for more information on our amazing deals and services we are offering now in your area!

We are always available to answer any questions you may have about our angle grinder tuckpointing, so don’t hesitate before contacting us today to find out more about who we are and what we do. What are you waiting for? Call us now to start on the path to getting your house a makeover with our incredible angle grinder tuckpointing services!

What Is A Lintel Beam?

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Building your own house from the ground up can be an amazing and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Not only do you get a chance to make it look the way you want it to, but you also can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with any hidden problems that would come with buying a used home that the old owners may not have known about or neglected to tell you.

All in all, it is a fantastic feeling to be able to afford to purchase land and build your own house that you will be able to keep in the family for generations.

What Is A Lintel Beam

Making Sure Your House Is Supported Is The Most Important Step

However, if you are involved with every detail of planning and aren’t an experienced architect, there may be some things that you are missing in your home design.

Keeping your home structurally sound is an essential part of building a house, especially since if you don’t make sure to keep the pressure and weight appropriately distributed in places your home can collapse upon itself and render itself unlivable.

This can be avoided by taking into consideration one of many parts of your home that you may not know about before you start the building process.

Types Of Lintel Beam Can Help Your House Retain Its Structural Integrity

The most significant way to make sure your building is structurally sound is to make sure every entrance has one of the many types of lintel beam over it. A lintel beam is a beam over the opening that holds up the weight of the wall and bricks above it, making sure that it doesn’t buckle.

This is particularly important because most entrance points involve windows and doors, each vital parts of anyone’s home. Most lintel beam designs are made of brick or concrete to ensure that they are stable enough to withstand the force of the wall and building above it.

Our Lintel Beams Can Help You Design Your Dream Home

Lucky for you our professional builders are lintel beam experts. We know exactly what your home will need and where and how to get it there, making it a lot less stressful to work through your home designs that you have carefully drafted.

Your home is as important to us as it is to you, and we are dedicated and trained professionals who have the tools and the experience to get your homebuilding project off the ground and get you closer to a completed and beautiful home to live in or sell with perfect lintel beam designs.

Contact Us Today To Get Your Lintel Beam

Contact Us Today To Get Your Lintel Beam

So if you’re ready to get the most out of your home building project with our state of the art lentil beam purpose building programs, be sure to visit our website today for more information. We are tuckpointing pros who can help you with any work you need to be done on your brick house or house building plans.

So make sure that each brick is done right, so your home is structurally sound because of the lintel beam purpose and correctly built so that it will last you generation after generation. Don’t wait, call or click today for more information.

Guide to the Lime Mortar Pointing Process

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Cement based mortars might not be a good idea for a number of reasons and that is view it is always advisable to perform lime mortar pointing. This is because you will get a quite a softer material which is more porous so that moisture in the joints can easily be evaporated as compared to the setting where stone or brick is used.

This means you can reach lower moisture levels pretty quickly and thus you can automatically get rid of soluble salts that usually build up because of presence of moisture that leads to damaging the wall and reduce the longevity of the structure.

Below is a comprehensive guide to all the steps required in performing lime mortar pointing.

Guide to the Lime Mortar Pointing Process


Rake out if there is any defective pointing already present and its depth should be as much as two time the joint’s width. However, make sure that is doesn’t remain less than 20 millimeters. Also ensure to keep the joint’s back as square in shape as possible.


Once you have gotten rid of dust or loose materials, dampen the joints. Leave sufficient time for the brick or the stone to dry out so that maximum compaction can be reached in the joint.


Premixing does wonder to lime mortars. You can do this a couple of weeks before you perform the task and then again knock it up when you are about to do the job. This will help reduce the mortar shrinkage. Pre mixed lime mortars are also available to save you time.


It is always suggested to use a lime mortar, which is premixed for external as well as internal applications of lime pointing. However, if you are using NHL mortar, the extent of exposure would eventually help in the appropriate strength of the structure.


You should always start from the top of the all. To force in the mortar, you should be using a suitable pointing spatula. If your joints are not lesser than 20 millimeters but are even deeper than that, then you will be required to dubbing before the process so that shrinkage doesn’t occur.


A churn brush should be used to tamp the joints. The exact time to do this is when your lime pointing has reached green hard. When you brush, you will be getting rid of lime patina on the mortar surface.


All new lime pointing must be protected with a hessian cloth. This helps from direct sunlight in hot weather as well as from rains and windy weather.

Lime Mortar Pointing Guide for Beginners

When to Apply?

The time of the years is very crucial when it comes to applying lime mortar pointing. According to its characteristics, it shouldn’t be applied towards the ends of the year and neither should it be applied in the beginning of spring. If it is applied during these times, it may be put at risk of frost damage since frost crystals prevention is an important aspect in the process.

If you want to hire the best tuckpointing professionals then check out our contact information here! Follow us for more tuckpointing and masonry tips and services!

We’ll Provide You a Chicago Tuckpointing Cost Estimate

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When the mortar in your brick work begins to deteriorate, you need to seek out tuckpointing services.

Tuckpointing is replacing old mortar with new, a necessary evil about every 10-25 years, or whenever you notice the masonry beginning to crack and spall. Where you live, and the weather and elemental damage your mortar receive significantly affects that span of time.

Our team of talented and experienced brick and mortar experts can provide you with a Chicago tuckpointing cost estimate, so you’ll know what to expect financially to repair or replace old and worn out mortar.

Tuckpointing services can keep your chimney or other brick work at your Chicago-area home away from seriously expensive total replacement costs.

How Much Does Tuckpointing a Chimney Cost

How Much Does Tuckpointing a Chimney Cost?

So let’s get right down to it. How much does tuckpointing a chimney cost or any brick work for that matter?

A general rule of thumb to remember is estimates are just that, not actual costs, but the best guess. Your particular needs will determine the actual cost.

Most of the expenses involved with masonry tuckpointing are in labor costs. But the materials necessary for the job aren’t costly, so you are looking at an average of $5-$6 per square foot up to 10 feet in height. Beyond that, $7-$10 per square foot.

Again, that’s just an average Chicago tuckpointing cost estimate. That figure will change depending on your situation.

Another good thing to do is preventive maintenance. Our tuckpointing Chicago-area specialists can perform maintenance services to inspect your chimney and brick work, and the exterior chimney repair costs won’t be so much if with our preventive maintenance services.

Tuckpointing in Chicago, Our Services Will Get the Job Done Right

Know that you know how much does tuckpointing a chimney cost, why does it matter?

Simply put, mortar, while strong, is not impervious to weather, mainly water. Bricks, of course, can last as long as a century, but the mortar is another story.

And in Chicago, with brutal cold and windy weather, that water will freeze, expanding within the mortar, causing cracks and spalling that will put your chimney and other brick work in peril at some point.

So that mortar will need to be replaced. In some cases of extreme wear and tear, the bricks will need to be taken apart and new mortar completely re-pointed.

Now, if you catch the cracks and spalling early enough, a patchwork job could be the answer, which is less expensive.

When your local Chicago-area tuckpointing contractors show up to do the job, they’re going to ground out the old mortar as far as necessary.

Then, they will replace with new red colored mortar with grooves routed. Then they will place in a mortar that matches the color of your existing mortar unless you choose it to be different.

What Are the Exterior Chimney Repair Costs?

When factoring the exterior chimney repair construction costs, simple repairs can cost a couple of hundred bucks. Not bad.

But a complete rebuilding repair job above the roofline of your chimney could cost from $1,000-$3,000.

Severe neglect that calls for your chimney and fireplace to be replaced could run you upwards of $10,000.

But don’t fret. Your experts and skilled craftsmen at tuckpointing in Chicago can do the job right, the first time.

We’ll make sure that the tuckpointing will preserve the structural stability of your chimney or other brick work and this project will also be a form of waterproofing, which will keep out as much moisture as possible.

Repair tuckpointing services will save you money in the long run from requiring a complete chimney rebuild.

And, the aesthetic value of your home will improve dramatically with a new looking facade.

We Are Your Chicago-Area Tuckpointing Professionals

We Are Your Chicago-Area Tuckpointing Professionals

Call us, your team of highly skilled and experienced local Chicago-area tuckpointing professionals, for a free inspection and consultation for your tuckpointing needs.

We offer affordable prices for our service and on materials and labor costs, and will be happy to fix your crumbling chimney and give you the peace of mind that your home’s brick work will stand strong for many years to come.

Call us today; you’ll be glad you did.

Getting the Best Masonry Restoration Chicago

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Homes and walls need to be maintained. Especially if they are made of brick and mortar. Brick masonry walls may last a long time, but they will still incur damages in time. It’s only natural. The quality of a brick masonry wall can be excellent, but the preservation of the quality requires repair.

Masonry tuckpointing does just that. Masonry tuckpointing is the repair of mortar joints in brick masonry walls. Finding a contractor for masonry restoration in Chicago is necessary, especially if you need a large sized wall to be restored. Here are things you need to know about tuckpointing and tuckpointing contractors in Chicago.

Masonry Restoration Chicago

Tuckpointing Is Not a Luxury

You have to know that tuckpointing is not a luxury, it is a necessity. A building can definitely collapse if built on bricks and not maintained. The cost of tuckpointing services will be worth it because the repair could occur in another few decades.

When will you know if a brick masonry wall needs work to done? You can do a coin test. Get a coin and rub it onto the mortar. If crumbles are produced with the coin, that’s a good indicator that a wall needs to be repaired. But if a coin can’t even dent the mortar, the wall is still in good shape.

You should also know that it can be too late to restore a wall. With cracked concrete, moisture can get into the brick and damage them. When this happens, providing maintenance will no longer be required. The only thing to do would be to tear down the wall and rebuild. That is why tuckpointing is not a luxury. So if you need masonry restoration service in Chicago, have it done before it’s too late.

Hire the Best Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago

There are a lot of reasons why you need to hire the best tuckpointing contractors in Chicago. One is because, as stated earlier, tuckpointing is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Tuckpointing is essential in commercial or residential buildings so long as they are built of masonry brick walls.

The mortar, which is mostly the part being repaired or replaced, are the parts that hold the wall together. If the company hired to do the service did the job poorly, the wall could collapse and can cause very serious consequences. Hire the best tuckpointing contractors in Chicago so you can be guaranteed of excellent service.

The best tuckpointing repair companies also have the equipment needed to do the job well and fast. The specialists are also experienced and well trained. You can check a company’s reputation by going online and checking their reviews.  Hire the best masonry restoration company in Chicago for a contractor that delivers satisfaction.

Hire the best tuckpointing contractors in Chicago

Masonry Tuckpointing: Masonry Restoration in Chicago

Be sure to check your masonry brick walls today to check if solutions are needed. Remember that tuckpointing is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Don’t neglect the condition of a brick wall. You already have directions on what to do to check if the mortar needs to be replaced.

You could lose a fortune if it’s too late to for repairs. Masonry brick walls can last for a very long time. But if taken for granted, it can all crumble in an instant. Don’t wait for the time when repairs can no longer be done. If you found out you’re in need of masonry restoration service in Chicago, immediately get to your phone and call a Chicago masonry restoration company.

The Importance and How to do Tuckpoint Masonry

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Brick or masonry walls are always nice to look at. They can last for over a hundred years and looks timeless. However, these walls may require tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is the process of removing and replacing old mortar.

Tuckpointing basically is the repair of wall joints. The importance of tuckpointing is crucial, as you may face serious consequences if you fail to do tuckpointing soon enough. The cost of tuckpointing may not be too much and contractors can do a quick and fine job of brick or masonry wall restoration.

However, failing to realize the importance of tuckpointing could have you spending more than you should. Tuckpointing is needed so the walls don’t deteriorate. Repairs may be labor intensive, but are required in tuckpoint masonry so the walls can last even longer.

Importance of Tuckpointing

Importance of Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is crucial to any brick or masonry wall. Not doing tuckpointing soon enough can lead you to a wall that is beyond repair. When you’ve reached that point, there’s not much else you can do. The best solution would be to bring the wall down and redo it from the ground up. The importance of tuckpointing should be realized before it is too late.

Steps on How to Tuckpoint Masonry

Tuckpointing requires skills and tools for it to be done more efficiently. Contractors can greatly help with tuckpointing. Steps on how to perform tuckpoint masonry includes preparation of tools, grinding and chiseling of the mortar, brushing out the joints, mixing and applying the mortar, smoothing out the mortar and final cleaning.

Those are the steps on how to perform tuckpoint masonry. This may sound basic, but masonry tuckpointing requires skills and tools you might be lacking. For quality tuckpointing, hire contractors to do the repair.

When Tuckpointing Will Be Needed

When Tuckpointing Will Be Needed

It is very easy to determine when a masonry wall needs tuckpoint masonry. The stone may be historic and can still be in great condition but it is the mortar that gives it away. Rub a key to the mortar and if it crumbles easily, that’s when tuckpointing is needed. If it doesn’t, then the mortar of the wall is still okay.

A brick or masonry wall may last, but you’ll still need to mix and apply new mortar to every joint of the wall when its mortar is weak. The hazard of not being able to do tuckpointing to the wall is moisture problem. Tuckpointing should provide waterproofing. Do a mortar repair when you feel the strength of the wall has greatly been degraded.

If you are too late with tuckpointing, the foundation of the wall will already be useless. The best remedy to it then would be to demolish and rebuild it again. Repair the mortar fast when tuckpointing is needed.

Tuckpointing is the repair of the mortar of brick or masonry walls. Not knowing the importance of tuckpointing can have you facing serious consequences. The importance of tuckpoint masonry should be realized so you’ll know when to do tuckpointing.

Having it too late can mean losing the wall. It is easy to know when tuckpointing is needed and contractors can be called to do the service fast and excellently.

A Lesson On Repairing Chimney Cracks

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Every homeowner with a chimney knows how important it is to keep your chimney crack free. Funneling smoke through your house is an important job that only a chimney can do, but each year you use the chimney it becomes more susceptible to cracks and damage. Eventually, the mortar that keeps the bricks or stone together will begin to crack and flake, leaving gaps in your chimney that could lead to serious problems. This particularly happens with age and especially with the freezing and thawing of ice throughout the chimney that occurs during snowy and cold weather. Occurrences such as earthquakes or other natural disasters can also be an easy way for your chimney to become cracked and damaged.

When your chimney is cracked, it greatly increases the risk of a fire to occur in your chimney. There is a reason why all state and federal building regulations require all chimneys present on the premises to be in working order. This highlights the importance of learning all about repairing chimney cracks.

A Lesson On How To Repair Chimney Cracks

Cleaning Your Cracked Chimney To Prepare For Repair

The first step in repairing a cracked chimney is to clear away things like dust, tar, and debris. In order for this to go smoothly, you will need a chimney brush that is specifically made for the job. In order to properly clean the chimney with the chimney brush, you need to find a good footing on your roof by the entrance to the chimney, then you simply move the brush up and down until it is visibly clean.

Cleaning your chimney before repairing it can be crucial in making sure there are no foreign materials sitting in your chimney when you get ready to apply more mortar. Do not skip this step, for it is extremely crucial to the safe repair of your chimney.

Tuckpointing And How It Can Fix Your Chimney

If you have experienced repairing chimney cracks before, you are probably familiar with the process of Tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is what we specialize in, a process which replaces the cracked mortar in the mortar joints with fresh mortar that will last a long time.

When repairing your chimney, you want to first clear the crack of any small fractures, stones, or debris that are sitting on the cracked surface. This will help you create the perfect environment to place the mortar. When ready for the mortar, you want to mix the mortar properly and keep it moist the first half week. This is to make sure it retains its caulking properties. Then you will spread the mixture evenly into the crack, sealing it from damage and leaks.

Tuckpointing And How It Can Fix Your Chimney

If done properly, this will replace the damaged mortar and your chimney should be fixed. Unfortunately, this can be a hard and time-consuming process, and hiring a professional will help you get it done efficiently and without fault, as well as lessen the danger to yourself with the risks of climbing on an unstable roof.

When repairing chimney cracks, it is always important to note your own safety and the safety of yours around you. So please remember to never light your fireplace when your chimney is cracked, and call a professional if you are not completely confident in your own chimney repairing abilities.

Brick Tuckpointing: Why It Is Needed and What Its Benefits Are

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If you have a chimney or a fireplace, amongst other masonry work such as brick walls, patio and sidewalks to create a beautiful façade for your home, then you must also know they need constant upkeep and that there will come a time this masonry work will be needing repairs in the form of brick tuckpointing.

The mortar joints of your home’s masonry work will at some point become damaged due to extreme weather conditions particularly because of either too much heat exposure or too much moisture or amount of water. These conditions make the mortar joints deteriorate.

Brick tuckpointing is the process wherein you can prevent further destructive processes from carrying on with your home’s masonry work. It also has several benefits that come with it.

when you should consider getting brick tuckpointing services

When Brick Tuckpointing Is Already Needed

While bricks may last for over a century, it is the mortar that is more prone to being damaged and therefore it has a much shorter lifespan which is about 25 years if the mortar is of excellent quality.

Damaged and deteriorated mortar joints, because of weakened mortar, makes for a signal when this repair method is already needed on the affected areas.

It is important to note that the process must only be performed on the adversely affected areas so as to avoid damaging the other areas which are still established and are working their functions just perfectly fine. Otherwise, your other alternative action as a homeowner will be to allow the mortar joints to completely corrode and eventually collapse so that you can have the masonry work, such as a chimney or a fireplace, totally rebuilt by professional tuckpointing contractors. The latter is much more costly and even dangerous for your household.

So this process is definitely the best way to go. It is a crucial procedure to preserve your home’s masonry work.

why you should get brick tuckpointing repari for your house

The Benefits of Brick Tuckpointing

One of the benefits of this method is that it stops the mortar joints from completely corroding and from its eventual collapse. As well, the structural stability and reliability of the masonry work is restored. Delaying brick tuckpointing procedure can result in a much weaker masonry structure which can in turn, make it start to lean or breakdown as in the case of brick walls and chimney.

This method is like a follow up procedure after the deterioration of the brickwork which serves to prevent moisture from keeping on entering the masonry system. This is one of the benefits of brick tuckpointing.

If the mortar joints are left neglected and unrepaired, the tendency is for excessive amounts of water to seep through the mortar joints and can cause some serious damages that may not be visible on the outside. This may include mold and mildew forming and reproducing in the mortar joints, which will cause the brickwork to expand or crack, which will be more difficult and more costly to repair.

Therefore, immediately getting the repair is the more cost-effective manner of restoration of your home’s masonry work to its near original condition. The value of your house is enhanced with brickwork that is in great shape and condition.

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