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Repointing Brickwork Cost in Evanston: What Comprises the Price?

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Repointing in masonry refers to the repairs performed on mortar joints wherein new mortar is applied in after the old mortar has been carefully and expertly removed.

The first phase, taking out old mortar, is one of the more tedious parts of the process. While difficulty depends on the task, the bigger caveat lies in that the current materials to be used may no longer be in congruence with the existing brickwork, particularly if it is part of a significantly old home.

This is only one of several important reasons for you to hire professional tuckpointing contractors as they will know how to deal with the circumstances. While a DIY repointing may be tempting and may seem less costly, you might just end up spending more if you do not get the repointing right and precise.

Perhaps you are wondering what repointing brickwork cost in Evanston is.

Repointing Brickwork Cost in Evanston for Repairs

Repointing stonework varies greatly from project to project; repointing brick chimney will be a much higher price than repointing brick sidewalk, especially given the hazards and the complexities involved in the former. Also, keep in mind, bigger damages means higher costs.

To give you an idea about repointing brickwork cost in Evanston, here are some factors, conditions, and situations that impact the amount you pay for tuckpointing services. The charges are classified according to the location where repointing is intended to take place.

The Foundations and the Sidings of the House

Deemed as some of the more expensive areas to do repairs on, the foundations and sidings of your home are also very intimidating in that they are the lifeblood of the strength and stability of your shelter.

Since it is your home there must be absolutely no room for mistakes in the repointing process, as this is the backbone and base groundwork for a major break down or collapse if worse comes to worst.

This is the reason why repointing brick foundations and sidings can be more costly. The repairs required demand skilled accuracy and expert meticulousness.


Although not as costly as tuckpointing foundations and sidings, repointing patios may cost a relatively high amount because an older design must be preserved and new work must be consistent. There may also be stairs involved, and these needs to be level without any wide gaps.


Repointing sidewalk brick may be the least pricey of the four major segments. Despite its constant need to be repaired, owing to how sidewalks have the most overly utilized stonework, repairing just a brick or two is a small cost.


Since chimneys are located atop homes, it is not the most convenient area to be working in, thus making repointing chimney brickwork time-consuming and laborious. These factors make its tuckpointing costs a little higher in turn.

Seemless Repointing Brickwork Cost in Evanston

Your Repointing Brickwork Contractors in Evanston

It is understandable for you to speculate about repointing pricing. Yet it is best to get in touch with professional repointing contractors for an estimate of your prospective home project.

Our repointing experts at Affordable Tuckpointing Pros LLC can provide an inspection of your damaged brickwork and tell you what the repointing brickwork cost in EvanstonĀ is. Give us a call at (630) 833 3665 so we can be of assistance.


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