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Since 1996 Affordable Tuckpointing Pros has been providing protection, prevention and peace of mind to property owners which allow their investments to look better, last longer, increase the value,
and eliminate unnecessary costs. This saves you time and money through effective solutions in masonry restoration, chimney repair, and tuck pointing to both residential and commercial clients

We are a family owned company that takes great pride in our work. We provide quality services and products while focusing on safety and professionalism. We carry the most highly coveted
licensing in our industry... the Chicago Tuckpointing and Mason Contractor's license, license # MC6337. We believe our customers shouldn't have to sacrifice quality to get a great price!

Our Services

Years of Experience

Chimney Repair

All of our chimney repairs are done according to the NFPA 211 Standards for Chicago chimney repair. Practicing proper techniques and safety, we ensure ever job is completed to your satisfaction every time. One of our highly trained chimney specialists will assess your chimney properly so that we can fix your chimney problems for good.


Tuckpointing is the process of grinding out the old deteriorated mortar and replacing it with new mortar. Experience and craftsmanship are needed to insure materials match in color, consistency, aggregate size and mortar strength. Our employees are highly trained and experienced at this process and use specialized tools and equipment to safely remove the mortar without damage to the adjacent brick or stone.

Masonry Repair

Masonry damage sometimes can become so deteriorated that just tuckpointing and patching isn’t enough. Whether you’ve backed into the corner of your brick garage or have masonry damage due to the freeze/thaw cycles of our harsh winters, our masonry restoration Chicago specialists can help! We replace damaged brick, stone or block using the best possible matching masonry units and mortar color available.

What Our Clients are Saying

Dont just take our word

John H.

Business Owner

I chose to go with Affordable Tuckpointing Pros for the following reasons: they seemed to be the most knowledgeable, they certainly were among the most affordable and they gave me the impression that they wanted the job more than anyone else. Knowledge – Of all the companies that came to look at my home, Affordable Tuckpointing Pros was the only one that addressed the fact that my chimney was not properly lined.  It was the ATP estimator that alerted me that my home had this problem; estimators from other companies never mentioned it.

When I asked others about the issue, I was told, “Sorry, we don’t install chimney liners.”  My modest brick ranch was built in 1947 and has had little work done to it over the years.  The chimney was as originally constructed and was open to the elements.  Because of this, my chimney was slowly deteriorating on the inside.  ATP installed the proper size stainless steel chimney liner.  The draw of the gases from my gas furnace and hot water heater is now much stronger.  Rain and snow are no longer coming in.  And during the winter, the warm vented air will no longer be condensing inside my chimney and causing unwanted moisture. Affordability – Yes, they live up to their name.  I had gotten four written quotes and the range was surprisingly wide; ATP’s price fell in the middle of the range.  When I took into consideration their knowledge about the chimney flue issue, I viewed ATP’s price as a bargain.

I learned long ago to beware of low-ball prices, but I’ve also learned that paying a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. Customer Satisfaction – A week or so later, upon closer examination, I spotted a few joints that weren’t done to my liking.  The spots in question were minor and cosmetic.  I made one call and ATP responded quickly and corrected those minor problems to my complete satisfaction. Don’t take the word of a stranger on the internet.  Call around and get several quotes.   However, do yourself a favor and call Affordable Tuckpointing Pros first.  When you start contacting other companies, you’ll quickly see for yourself just how knowledgeable, thorough and reasonably priced they are.

Tracy G.

Home Owner

It was our lucky day when we contacted your company for a quote on our house and chimney. You were professional and very accommodating. You immediately sent us a quote which we found acceptable, and by the next week a crew started the work. They were very polite and when we had questions, they tried to explain them. We had a few minor problems, so they contacted the office and the work proceeded. They cleaned up very nicely each day as there was a lot of concrete dust flying around.

The building looks great and everyone is satisfied!

We will certainly recommend your company to anyone who needs tuckpointing work. Thank you so much!


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