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Brick Tuckpointing: Why It Is Needed and What Its Benefits Are

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If you have a chimney or a fireplace, amongst other masonry work such as brick walls, patio and sidewalks to create a beautiful façade for your home, then you must also know they need constant upkeep and that there will come a time this masonry work will be needing repairs in the form of brick tuckpointing.

The mortar joints of your home’s masonry work will at some point become damaged due to extreme weather conditions particularly because of either too much heat exposure or too much moisture or amount of water. These conditions make the mortar joints deteriorate.

Brick tuckpointing is the process wherein you can prevent further destructive processes from carrying on with your home’s masonry work. It also has several benefits that come with it.

when you should consider getting brick tuckpointing services

When Brick Tuckpointing Is Already Needed

While bricks may last for over a century, it is the mortar that is more prone to being damaged and therefore it has a much shorter lifespan which is about 25 years if the mortar is of excellent quality.

Damaged and deteriorated mortar joints, because of weakened mortar, makes for a signal when this repair method is already needed on the affected areas.

It is important to note that the process must only be performed on the adversely affected areas so as to avoid damaging the other areas which are still established and are working their functions just perfectly fine. Otherwise, your other alternative action as a homeowner will be to allow the mortar joints to completely corrode and eventually collapse so that you can have the masonry work, such as a chimney or a fireplace, totally rebuilt by professional tuckpointing contractors. The latter is much more costly and even dangerous for your household.

So this process is definitely the best way to go. It is a crucial procedure to preserve your home’s masonry work.

why you should get brick tuckpointing repari for your house

The Benefits of Brick Tuckpointing

One of the benefits of this method is that it stops the mortar joints from completely corroding and from its eventual collapse. As well, the structural stability and reliability of the masonry work is restored. Delaying brick tuckpointing procedure can result in a much weaker masonry structure which can in turn, make it start to lean or breakdown as in the case of brick walls and chimney.

This method is like a follow up procedure after the deterioration of the brickwork which serves to prevent moisture from keeping on entering the masonry system. This is one of the benefits of brick tuckpointing.

If the mortar joints are left neglected and unrepaired, the tendency is for excessive amounts of water to seep through the mortar joints and can cause some serious damages that may not be visible on the outside. This may include mold and mildew forming and reproducing in the mortar joints, which will cause the brickwork to expand or crack, which will be more difficult and more costly to repair.

Therefore, immediately getting the repair is the more cost-effective manner of restoration of your home’s masonry work to its near original condition. The value of your house is enhanced with brickwork that is in great shape and condition.

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